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Robert Beaumont

President, CEO
Robert (Bob) is the President and Founder of Air Conformity LLC. He has been a leading executive in the aviation community for over 35 years. He has held the positions of Vice President of Maintenance, Director of Maintenance, and Director of Quality Assurance for CFR 121 airlines, CFR 145 facilities, and CFR 135 business organizations. He has been involved with the certification or regulatory requirements of Midway Airlines Inc. (I), Reno Air Inc, Air South and Midway Airlines Corporation (II). As Director of Quality Assurance for Midway Airlines (II) Bob managed the certificate move from Chicago to Raleigh, North Carolina becoming Vice President of Maintenance with overall responsibility for the airline maintenance organization. Following Midway, He became the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Shaffer Aviation in Orlando. He has been instrumental in the development and organizational process mapping and Reliability Programs as the Director of Maintenance for Bombardier’s Flex Jet, Director of Quality Assurance, Director of Technical Services, and Vice President of Maintenance for Delta Air Elite, and Director of Quality Assurance for Flight Options. He has written or re-written the General Maintenance and Policies and Procedures Manuals for many of these organizations and established organization structure for various departments within the overall maintenance departments.

In addition, Bob continues to serve on the Maintenance Committee for the National Business Aircraft Association and is chairman of the Maintenance Reliability Committee (FERMS). Bob is active in various other committees and working groups within the industry and has served or is currently serving on the following committees;

  • Speaker-NBAA IA Renewal Sessions
  • Member: Maintenance Review Board (MRB) Steering Committee – Fokker Aircraft and Fokker Services 1998.
  • Member: Air Transport Association (ATA) Steering Committee – MSG III development and standardization. 1999-2001.
  • Member: Bombardier Development Steering Committee for the Continental Business Jet (now known as the Challenger 300). 1999-2000.
  • Member: FAA AFS-300 Advisory Council for the rewriting of Advisory Circular AC120-16D (released in March 2003). 2000.
  • Member: FAA ARC Committee for the review and rewrite of FAR 135 and related regulations. 2003
  • Member: Air Transport Association (ATA) and National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA) joint effort working group for the development of business aircraft reliability and availability recording, tracking, and reporting including software development. 2003 (Current work in progress).
  • Elected Member of the NBAA Technical Committee, March 2004.
  • Committee Chairman, NBAA Forum for Enhanced Reliability and Maintainability Standards (FERMS). This Sub-Committee is setting the industry standard for the software and criteria necessary to track, develop a database, and reporting standards for business aircraft.
  • Certification Member. Reno Air, Air Carrier Certificate, FAR 121. January 1992 to July 2002, Certification successfully completed.
  • Certification Member. Air South, Air Carrier certificate, FAR 121. May 1994 to July 1994, Certification successfully completed.
  • Speaker-NBAA Convention 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Topics: Large Fleet Management and Reliability Programs, NBAA FERMS Reliability Reporting,Reliability Programs. Electronic Signature.
  • Obtained DAR-T Certification, 2008

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