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Penny Strong

Affiliate Aircraft Records Auditor, Records Quality Assurance and Management
Audit, Quality Assurance for protecting asset value, & Records Presentation for marketing of asset for sale or lease.

Started aviation career as Flight Attendant. Coordinated with FAA Representative, for FAA approval while developing FA Recurrent Training Handbook each year, for use in meeting annual recurrent training requirements of all operator online Flight Attendants.

Shifted focus to Maintenance. Worked in the Aircraft Records Department of a major carrier. Became Manager of Aircraft Records & Reliability for Regional Carrier required to unite multiple Part 135 operations into a single Part 121 operation. Revised records keeping processes & developed Policies & Procedures acceptable to the FAA, for operator's retention of jeopardized operating certificate & continued operation.

Returned to Major Carrier operating fleet of 350 aircraft, both Boeing & Airbus, as Manager of Aircraft Records. Worked closely with Quality Assurance & Engineering. In this capacity, worked with the Aircraft Leasing Companies during deliveries, Lease Returns, & Mid-lease surveillance.

Accepted offers from leasing companies to perform records audit & QA functions as Independent Contractor. Experience includes Transition of aircraft off lease with one operator and onto lease requirements for next operator, End of life aircraft coming off lease to be sold, & Repossession records preparation. Work experience includes overseas & domestic projects, reviewing documentation for compliance with FAA, EASA, and local oversight agency requirements, as well as lease return and lease delivery conditions, specializing in Records Preparation for marketing to potential lessees or buyers.

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