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Yow-Ming Wang (YM)

Quality, Technical Services, Audit
YM is Air Conformity's Chief Auditor and QA Technical Services Manager in the Asian Region. YM is an FAA and Taiwanese CAA Licensed Airframe and Powerplant Technician and holds a BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering. YM speaks fluent English, Taiwanese, and Chinese and has worked in Asia all of his career. He is experienced with the import and export of aircraft as well as DAR, change in registration, and other aircraft recovery and placement services.

YM has held the position of Deputy Manager of Maintenance and Engineering for Far Eastern Air Transport and has been responsible for the delivery of new aircraft from Boeing. He has also led leasing deliveries and returns assuring all documents and records were complete and accurate.

YM has worked Boeing MD-83, 737 Classic and New Generation, 757 and various CFM and P&W engines. He has worked Maintenance Control and engineering support for various aircraft.

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