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Air Conformity LLC has affiliates and representation in Europe and Asia. We are capable of responding to your needs in both business and commercial aircraft in most countries in the world.


In the first quarter of 2006 Air Conformity added an Asian Division focusing primarily on the Sale and Purchasing of Aircraft, Engines, and other related equipment. China, Malaysia, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, and other Asian countries are proving to be good resources for these products. Air Conformity has FAA licensed auditors and other aviation experts in place that know the market and speak the language. We can perform on-site representation and detailed records reviews with out incurring the cost of traveling from Europe or the USA. If you have a particular type aircraft in mind or a fleet of aircraft we can perform the search and put you in contact with a viable seller. Air conformity has developed relationships with local MRO centers and maintenance providers that can perform the work, and prepare the aircraft for export including modifications and retrofit of necessary equipment. Air conformity will arrange Export C of A, DAR, DER, and ferry services to ensure compliance to FAA or other regulatory Agency requirements.

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